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She is an artist, graphic designer, art educator and vagabond traveler. 
I draw since my early years and had always the support of my family which is something rare in my beautiful hometown Dominican Republic, where parents rather have their kids study traditional careers like law, administration or medicine.
Having the "family blessings" made it all easier and so I went on to study graphic design at Altos the Chavon/The School of Design in La Romana, Dom. Rep. Upon graduation and feeling the need to continue growing in the arts I decided to stay one more year at Chavón to study Fine Arts, moving a year later to New York city to study Illustration at Parsons School of Design (now The New School).
While studying at Parsons I met one of the most amazing teachers, Mr. David J. Passalacqua who became one of my most beloved teachers 

and the inspiration to become an art teacher myself.
Once I had to take an independent drawing course and David was going to be my "independent course mentor", I asked him if he had any suggestions for me, and his single reply was: "DRAW BY THE POUND!" Since then drawing has become an essential part of my creative process and is a key element in my lesson planning and my communication tool as a teacher as well.

Drawing helps me reflect about life and makes me feel part of something greater than me and so, it's about passion, dedication, and having FUN!

Here on Flickr I look forward to share not only my drawings and sketches but also some of my paintings and photographs...

Orling "Arty" Dominguez
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